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CEPCEA and IICL successfully participated in the 7th International Endoscopic Surgery Course.

CEPCEA (Center for the Study and Prevention of Abdominal Diseases) and IICL (International Institute of Laparoscopic Surgery) successfully concluded their collaborative participation in the 7th International Endoscopic Surgery Course, organized by the Peruvian Society of Endoscopic Surgery (SPCE). The event took place from November 1st to 4th, 2023, in Chiclayo, Peru, and included pre-courses and specialized workshops on intracorporeal knots and laparoscopic intestinal anastomosis.

This event provided a unique opportunity for both national and international surgeons to delve into the latest advancements in the field of laparoscopic surgery and enhance their skills in a high-quality educational environment. The pre-courses and workshops were led by renowned experts in the field who shared their extensive experience and knowledge of advanced surgical techniques.

The participation of IICL, under the guidance of the distinguished FMAS Coach Dr. Carlos Dediós, was focused on providing specialized training to surgeons with an emphasis on improving surgical techniques to minimize risks and complications. This was one of the highlights of the conference, and it received a very positive response, exceeding the expectations of the attendees. They had the opportunity to learn from some of the most prominent coaches in Peru, engage in interactive practices, and establish valuable professional connections.

Participating in this important conference organized by the Peruvian Society of Endoscopic Surgery reflects the commitment of CEPCEA and IICL to medical and surgical excellence.

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