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My portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio. Here you will find a selection of my works. Explore my projects to learn more about what I do.

Investigation and development

About us

The Center for Studies for the Prevention and Correction of Abdominal Diseases (CEPCEA)** is a Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to various sectors related to laparoscopic surgery, global research and development, and the enhancement of the health of the Peruvian population. We are committed to delivering high-quality medical and surgical care to low-income families, ensuring an excellence level comparable to that of the most affluent sectors. This commitment is evident in our management of projects that benefit vulnerable populations. Simultaneously, we actively contribute to the sustainable and comprehensive development of the Piura region.

Furthermore, through our training programs in laparoscopic surgery, we contribute to the specialized training of national and foreign surgeons. Our goal is to perfect techniques and minimize risks to prevent complications during procedures. We firmly believe that medical and surgical training should be conducted in a controlled environment before proceeding to the operating room.

In addition, at CEPCEA, we continuously develop research and development projects related to new technologies in medicine, especially laparoscopic surgery. Our focus is on the scientific and medical aspects, particularly in the field of abdominal conditions such as hernias and gallbladder problems.

Our vision is to be recognized as leaders committed to continually generating positive impacts in vulnerable communities. The values that guide our work are integrity and empathy. We believe in the importance of our work for society, and we deeply empathize with the abdominal health challenges faced by the population, working tirelessly to improve their situation.

CEPCEA combines medical and surgical excellence with social commitment, creating a space where innovation and positive change come together to make a difference in communities.

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